Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Colloquium on Research in Media Studies(CRMS 2015)

Colloquium name : Colloquium on Research in Media Studies (CRMS 2015)

Date                      : 19 May 2015
Time                      : 08.00-05.00 pm
Place                     : SMMTC Building, UUM Sintok
Theme                   : Growing with Media
Sub Theme            : Broadcasting, Journalism, Advertising and New Media
Keynote Speaker    : Dr Mohd Sobhi Ishak (Senior lecturer Media Technology)

This colloquium is organized by the students from SCCT 3043 Media Seminar Course in collaboration with PERMEDIA (student association). This colloquium is held for knowledge sharing between undergraduate students from Media Technology and Communication program in the field of journalism, broadcasting, advertising and new media. In addition, this colloquium is also held to give exposure to all students on research knowledge. The organization of this seminar colloquium is to continue the civilizing organizing seminars on media studies which have been conducted in 2012, 2013 and 2014 in conjuction with the SMMTC weeks.

i. To discuss and expose media research work produced by students.
ii. Cultivating a culture and practice media research. This can be realized through the preparation of a    working paper prepared by the students media as a zone of their discussion to disseminate and present their views and findings or the results of their work.
iii. Provides a space for students to discuss and share knowledge about media.
iv. Provides a platform for students to publish a paper an emprical research oriented media products.
v.  Elicited student talent in writing a paper media research.

Fees                      : Students SCCT3043 Media Seminar (presenter)- RM50.00
                                (including breakfast,lunch, afternoon tea, certificate, & CD proceeding)
                             : Students (participate)- RM30.00
                                (including breakfast,lunch, afternoon tea & certificate)